CEO Message

Message from the CEO of JiranSecurity

Hello, this is DooShik Yoon, the representative director of JiranSecurity

JiranSecurity is a company specialized in security SW which makes a safer future for you by developing security products which actively respond to a fast-changing security paradigm and ever-evolving security threats.

Based on enthusiasm without fear of challenge, sharing and communication, a small profit from the right function, and on the corporate value that prioritizes social contribution, we want to make a company trusted by the customers.

We will not forget the company’s very beginning that dreamed of “a highly-specialized security SW company that goes beyond a century” and make every effort to achieve a cleaner and safer world by providing great security. With a robust technology and expertise, JiranSecurity will develop itself into a global security SW company.

Thank you

DooShik, Yoon