Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Compact & Safety Your Hardware Wallet

Product Introduction

The most reliable way to store your cryptocurrency -D'CENT is a hardware wallet with robust safety features for storing cryptographic assets and securing digital transactions.

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    Biometrics authentication(FIDO UAF) Confirm transaction with fingerprint or PIN
    EAL5+ Secure Element Multiple IC architecture -Separate isolated processing of critical data
  • EASY
    Mobile App support Large OELD Display for Address and QR Code


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  1. 01 Proprietary RTOS API available for service expansion
  2. 02 Fingerprint matching inside the SE Biometric data Encryption & Decryption at Secure Element
  3. 03 More convenient for P2P transactions through Bluetooth


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  • Multi-Crypto Currency Wallet
    • Support multi-crypto currency
    • Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various Altcoins
  • Secure Private Key Management
    • Dedicated Secure Element manages private key (personal credentials)
  • P2P Service Support
    • Enable easy payment
    • P2P Merchant (like Visa & Master)
    • Integration with current crypto-currency exchanges
  • FIDO Authentication
    • Authentication through biometric data
    • FIDO UAF
  • Multi ICs
    • Protect private key through Secure Element
    • HW device authentication through SE
    • Capable for P2P transaction through Bluetooth Module
    • Cortex M4 MCU
  • Mobile Application Service
    • For convenient transaction
    • Sync with D’cent Cold Wallet for additional layer of secured verification

Line up

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D'CENT - H/W Wallet
  • Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet
  • Hardware Security
D'CENT - Micro SD
  • Secure Element inside the MicroSD
  • SD form factor cold wallet for mobile
D'CENT - Cloud Back-up
  • Cloud Back-Up Service for Crypto Currency Wallet
D´cent's HW developer is IoTrust (