Document Security

Document Centralization

DocuOne DocuOne

Document Centralization with strengthened security and efficiency by centralizing business data

Product Introduction

DocuOne is a document centralization solution that blocks the leakage of information from user's PC through the centralization of business data and unified management of company's important data to satisfy the security and convenience of collaboration at the same time.

  • Korea’s No.1 in document security and technology
    Document centralization solution from JiranSecurity that has a proven, over 10-year track record of business document security
  • Block external and internal threats
    Centralize business data to respond to ransomware, malicious code, etc. while preventing business damage by blocking internal leakage
  • Safe and efficient work environment
    Satisfying both 'efficient work environment' and 'user/administrator convenience' with strong document security function
  • Compliance response
    Security compliance response available that reflects security recommendations and guidelines by national agencies such as NIS, FSS, etc


  1. 01 Proven security, productivity, and flexibility of JiranSecurity, Korea’s No. 1 document security provider
  2. 02 Forced document escalation to central server, response to enhanced security threats to local PCs such as ransomware, malicious code, etc.
  3. 03 Enhanced business convenience and efficiency with powerful search services using tag and text search


  • Restricted Local Drive Storage
    • Block/control local storage and transfer documents to a central server for centralized management
  • Information Leakage Prevention
    • Prevent information leakage via media control and control internal/external access via IP policy (whitelist)
  • Ransomware Response
    • Respond to external ransomware and virus attacks
  • Export Authorization
    • Seamless internal and external (customers, partners, etc.) collaborations via a file export/transfer authorization system
  • Security Filters
    • Block distribution of documents when specific titles, personal information, and custom keywords are detected
  • Encryption
    • Protect corporate document assets via server file, local disk, and personal information encryption
  • Tag/Text Search
    • Efficient document management and quick information search
  • Supports Collaboration Folders
    • Hierarchy of collaborative folders(company, department, team, user, etc.)
    • Folder-specific user permissions
  • Windows Explorer/Web browser
    • Convenient work environments through Windows Explorer, browser, and mobile support
  • File Management
    • File history management and date/time-specific document recovery
    • Efficient management of storage space by eliminating redundant documents when saving

Configuration Map