Text Extraction SDK

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Text Extraction SDKfor management of corporate contents

Product Introduction

DocuX is a text extraction SDK that extracts texts and key information from various forms of documents.

  • Text Filtering Specialization
    Applies to various fields requiring specific text extraction in documents such as search / portal / mail security / document security, etc.
  • Corporate Contents Management
    Effective content utilization / management by extracting text from various types of documents
  • Supports multiple platforms and document formats
    Supports various OS and platforms and major corporate format / functions


  1. 01 Extract text, Image, attribute information, format information in the document
  2. 02 Various extraction functions such as extraction of compressed files, MS document OLE and input/output encoding processing
  3. 03 Supports various interlocking methods such as linking EXE files and linking libraries through API provision

Application Area