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Cloud E-mail Security Servicesthat detect/block malware in the cloud

Product Introduction

Jiran The CLOUD is a cloud e-mail security service designed to effectively cope with advanced e-mail security threats by separating e-mails with CLOUD, analyzing ransomware and malicious codes, and proactively detecting and responding to attacks. It is easily introduced in small and medium-sized businesses.


jiran the cloudis a cloud-based e-mail security service provided by JiranSecurity, Korea’s No. 1 e-mail security company that has long been recognized for its technology, reliability, and public confidence.


  1. 01 Spam prevention solution operating know-how by JiranSecurity that holds the biggest domestic market share
  2. 02 Rapid detection and response of variant malware/ransomware by responding to security threats in the cloud
  3. 03 High availability service available immediately upon request without the burden of additional equipment purchase or duplication


  • Malware detection and response
    • Detect and block malware/ransomware in the cloud
    • Dismiss macro/script from attached document and send
    • Convert the document suspected to include ransomware into a preview link and send
  • Strong smart analysis functions
    • Detect the document including macro/script
    • Provides blocking algorithm reflecting various information
    • Additional support for continuous smart detection algorithm
  • All-time security monitoring
    • Constant monitoring by dedicated security operations team
    • Provides E-mail reception status, security threat status, and trend report
    • Warn security personnel in case of malicious code/virus surge
  • Integrated management services
    • Continuous upgrade support for services
    • Integrated management optimized for servicing customers

Configuration Map