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E-mail Archiving

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E-mail Archivingbased on intelligent search centering on the user

Product Introduction

JVault PLUS is an e-mail archiving solution that enables users to effectively respond to e-mail compliance through intelligent search which guarantees user convenience and easy storage, backup, and recovery of e-mail data on the enterprise side.

  • E-mail archiving
    Archiving suitable to the e-mail system of domestic companies
  • Strong search function
    Easy and powerful mail search by user-centered intelligent search
  • Easy backup and recovery
    User-centered convenient dashboard provided which enables users to obtain total statistics
  • Compliance response
    E-discovery and the Personal Information Protection Act compliance


  1. 01 Efficient mail data management with MS outlook interlocking and personal outlook PST file upload function
  2. 02 Detection/search of personal information in mails by supporting various search conditions including attachment contents
  3. 03 Verification of the integrity of original mail and prevention of data forgery (acquisition of legal evidence)


  • Various archiving by policy
    • Data forgery prevention on original mail
    • Removal of overlapping mails/attachments
    • Setting of index rules and retention periods according to policy
    • Multiple mail server responses such as Exchange server, Sendmail/postfix, etc.
  • Strong search function
    • Supports various search conditions
    • Supports personal information search (resident registration no., credit card no., etc.)
    • Search for details of attached files (MS office, hwp, pdf, etc.)
    • A rapid re-search available by saving search condition
  • Safe security function
    • Encryption of mail data
    • Flexible policy-specific user rights policy settings
    • Search for mail by access authority available
  • Efficient management and monitoring available
    • Saving by applying AES encryption of original mail
    • Individual and batch recovery of searched mail
    • Archiving status check via daily report
  • Outlook interlocking
    • Search archived mail with additional installation in Outlook
    • Upload available on PST file stored on PC
  • Backup and recovery
    • Saving by applying AES encryption of original mail
    • Individual UI support for mail search/recovery
    • Individual and batch recovery of searched mail

Configuration Map

  • 접근자

    Web을 통한 권한별 사용자 접근, 일반사용자, 관리자/중간관리자

    • step1 인터넷
    • step2 방화벽
    • step3 스위치
    • step4
      • 메일서버Journaling을 통한 메일 수집
      • Storage (SAN, NAS, DAS)Local 또는 Storage를 활용한 저장
    • Mail Server