Mobile Security

Mobile E-mail Management

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Mobile E-mail Management to prevent information leakage through mobile e-mail

Product Introduction

MailSafer is a dedicated mobile e-mail management (MEM) solution for enterprises that prevents corporate leakage of important information through mobile e-mail and easily and safely uses PC version Outlook on mobile



  1. 01
    • Prevents leakage of internal information proactively through Outlook mobile e-mail
    • Limits download of attached files and provides View Only function
    • Controls file attachment and mail forwarding and limits screen capture
  2. 02
    • Builds mobile email security system in a short period
    • Implements mobile office quickly and easily with only the introduction of MEM
    • Instant building available without changing existing mail server
  3. 03
    • Efficient MEM building at a lower cost
    • Starts cost-effective EMM via mobile email security
  4. 03
    • Achieves security and user convenience all at once
    • Implements powerful security by using an exclusive App and gateway
    • Provides user convenience by maintaining e-mail functions of the existing PC environment


  • Prevents information leakage through mobile
    • Blocks downloading of attached files and screen capture
    • Management by e-mail forward/reply/write permissions by each authority
    • Clipboard control function
  • Conforms to mobile security compliance
    • Prohibits local saving of mail data
    • History management by multiple users/managers
    • Control function by the accessing country
  • Maximizes user convenience
    • Uses the calendar function of the existing PC environment
    • Synchronization between Outlook and contacts
    • Provides a user-friendly UI
  • Build/manage efficiency
    • Building without changing existing mail system
    • Easy permissions and policies management through the admin console
    • Easy distribution via App Store/Play Store

Configuration Map