Mail Security

E-mail DLP

mailscreen mailscreen

E-mail DLPto prevent leakage of internal information through e-mail

Product Introduction

MailScreen is an effective e-mail DLP solution that can prevent leakage of important corporate information, confidential documents, and personal information proactively through e-mail by sending an e-mail after passing through the internal approval procedure for outgoing mail through the pre-set filter policy.

  • Strengthens security of sent mail
    Sensitive information is blocked in advance and only authorized mail is exported to prevent information leakage
  • Net separation/connection response
    Only the approved mail is sent out via the internal/external linkage and filter policy
  • Blocks personal information leakage
    Searches and blocks private information in e-mail’s body and attached files
  • Compliance response
    Mail compliance response including e-Discovery, Personal Information Protection Act, Electronic Financial Transactions Act, etc.


  1. 01 Approval process by set filters, blocking of important information leakage through mail monitoring function
  2. 02 Blocking from sources of personal information leakage such as resident registration number, address, mobile phone number, etc. via filtering policy
  3. 03 Efficient management function through intuitive user approval environment and internal personnel DB interlocking
  4. 04 Total statistics and provision of reporting to the statistics manager by policy/division/individual


  • Prior approval of outbound mails
    • Outbound mail control through approval process
    • Mail delay prevention function (Queuing)
    • Batch inquiry/approval processing functions
  • Mail filtering
    • Mail filtering on sending of outbound mail
    • Address, subject, body, and attachment of the mail
    • Selection available on the users and groups excluded from filtering
  • E-mail encryption security
    • Encryption of contents and attachment of the mail
    • AES encryption applied to attachments(128 bit compressed password)
    • Converts attachment to a downloadable link and then sends
  • Mobile Support
    • Mobile App push support
    • Log confirmation such as mobile approval, approval rejection, etc.
    • Mobile transmission delay, approval delegation
  • Management Functions
    • Management of mailing history and attachment history
    • Management of mail monitoring, event log, audit record
    • Virus management (an on-board vaccine engine included)
    • Alarm setting function upon failure throughsystem monitoring (SMS)
  • Additional Functions
    • DRM decryption automatic interlocking
    • Compressed saving of sent mail archives (up to 5 years)
    • SMTP attack blocking
    • Internal HR DB interlocking

Configuration Map

  • Proxy method

    Sets the outgoing mail from the mail server to be sent to MailScreen first.

  • Bridge method

    It is located on the mail server and lnline so that the outgoing mail from the mail server can go out through the MailScreen.