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EMM Solution for various mobile security and management

Product Introduction

MobileKeeper makes it possible to safely access the mobile business systems and important data of corporations, and prevents information leakage by protecting and managing devices and contents. In addition, MobileKeeper is Korea's leading EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution that is optimized for a domestic enterprise environment that can more easily and efficiently manage a complicatedly distributed mobility environment.

MAMMobile Application Management
App Contents Security And Management
  • Operation of corporate-dedicated App store
  • App security applied
  • App distribution and management
  • App life cycle management
MDMMobile Device Management
Mobile Device Management
  • Corporate Device management
  • Establishes and manages Device policies
  • Responds to loss/theft and remote control
  • Corporate-owned Device control
MCMMobile Contents Management
Contents Security and Management
  • Contents distribution including document, image, etc.
  • Mobile Container
  • Secure Browser
MDACMobile Device Access Control
Mobile Access Control
  • Internal security area device control
  • Access control for visitors (guest)
  • Various connections such as physical security, wireless, etc.
App Security Additional Solution
  • Mobile Vaccine
  • Mobile Keypad Security
  • App Mobile App Obfuscation
  • Mobile App-Forgery Prevention
Mobile-Related Solution
  • MEAP
  • Mobile Remote Control
  • Mobile PUSH
  • PTT(Push-To-Talk)
  • Wireless Invasion Prevention System (WIPS)
  • Mobile VPN

* You can introduce only the products you want depending on your enterprise mobility needs.


  1. 01
    • No. 1 in Korea
    • No. 1 in BMT, No. 1 in References, and No. 1 in customer satisfaction
    • Holds various References by operation purpose/industry/target and diverse References
    • First in Korea to have References in the greatest number of industries
  2. 02
    • Superior Technology
    • Named an excellent company in MDM technology by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (2012)
    • Received the Mobile Security Technology Award (2013)
    • Won the grand prize at the Korea Technology Awards ceremony (2014)
    • Received the 16th Mobile Technology Award (2016)
  3. 03
    • Certified Solution
    • Meets the National Intelligence Service, Financial SupervisoryService and KISA mobile security compliance response and auditing requirements
    • Security conformance validation (SL-3/SL-4)
    • First in Korea to acquire GS certification (2012)
    • First in Korea to acquire CC certification (2014 and 2017)
  4. 04
    • Expertise
    • Consulting and operation guide through a specialized PM
    • User change management plan and operational stability
    • Implements professional solutions for different targets, e.g. employees, business partners, and temporary visitors


MobileKeeper for MAM & MCM(App/Contents Security and Management)

Makes it easy to register/distribute/update business apps, and provides an internal App Store so users can check installation information. Also, depending on the authorized/unauthorized App setting and the MobileKeeper security policy, you can respond to the mobile Ramsomware/APT by forcing the App to be downloaded only from the trusted App Store through the "unknown sources" item.

  • Corporate-dedicated App Store operation support
    • Business App and Store App registration
    • Security policy setup by App
    • Distribution subject setup by App
    • App life cycle management
    • Contents(document, image) distribution management
    App security applied
    • App authentication and security through Library
    • Wrapping method without Library provided
    • Satisfies the security requirements by the FSS
    • Corporate device: Kiosk mode provided
    App management
    • Corporate-dedicated App Store provided
    • App remote installation and deletion support
    • Automatic App update support
    • White·Black-based business App management
    Contents Security and Management
    • Encryption-based Container provided
    • App portal UI for business provided
    • Whitelist-based Secure Browser provided
    • Secure Camera/Gallery/Viewer
    • Contents distribution including document, image, etc.
  • Mobile Container
    By separating business area and personal area within the mobile device, it secures business information protection and enhances work efficiency in the business domain and respects PRIVACY of the personal domain.
    • Separates personal area from business area
    • Controls management of business area
    • Stores important data separately in Secure Storage
    • Blocks external security threats
  • Secure Browser
    For preventing infiltration of malicious code through the web and leakage of corporate information, it provides a security-based safe web browser.
    • Controls connections to unauthorized web URL
    • Manages connection history (traces route)
    • Blocks execution of scripts
MobileKeeper for ScreenPrevents mobile screen capture

When users run the mobile App, the mobile screen capture function is blocked to protect personal sensitive data.

  • Mobile payment information protection
  • App card/barcode leakage prevention
  • Customer’s authentication information leakage prevention
  • Other customer’s personal information leakage prevention
  • Copyright contents protection
  • Illegal image distribution prevention
  • Strengthens security within the service
  • Strengthens mobile service security
  • Main corporate information leakage prevention
  • Corporate intellectual property rights protection
  • Major administrative documents protection
  • Patients’ medical records leakage prevention
  • Military confidential documents leakage prevention
MobileKeeper for MDAC(Mobile Device Access Control)

Replaces existing security sticker for mobile devices in the security area, and provides device control policies in compliance with internal security policies.

  • Exclusively for Employees

    It prevents information leakage during access to internal security areas by blocking functions of mobile devices(camera, recorder, Bluetooth, etc.), and protects users’ rights by enabling normal use of all functions outside of security zones.

    * Operating method: It stably provides various operating methods that fit the operating purposes and policies of corporations.

  • MobileKeeper for Guest

    This is a solution only for business partners or temporary visitors and without any system configuration, mobile devices (camera, recorder, USB, etc.) are blocked by installing the application (program). When unlocked, it is unblocked by various methods such as separate OTP program, QR or NFC tag and so on.

MobileKeeper for MDMMobile Device Management

It provides device management functions to manage the status of individual and company-owned devices, security policy setting, and prevention of loss/theft. In particular, with the recent increase in enterprise-owned corporate device, we provide special security and management functions only for corporate device.

  • Corporate Device Management
    • Prevents the use of device functions such as cameras, screen capture, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, tethering, recorders, use of 3G/4G and use of external memory, etc.
    • Asset management
    • Policy management
    • Automatic registration of authorized AP
    • Corporate-tailored policy setup(user registration and operation policy setup)
    • Reflects corporation’s requirements such as location check, App blocking, log enhancements, etc.
    • Corporate-exclusive kiosk provided
    • Provides corporate-exclusive logo and App automatic installation(Samsung Android phone only: paid service)
  • Loss Response Management
    • Locks and initializes mobile devices remotely
    • Checks current location of device /sends recovery request messages
    • Selectively deletes personal materials(photographs, directories, etc.) (Android only)
    • Inquires current status of lost or stolen device and blocks access to business services
  • Device Status Management
    • Device-related various information provided (OS/whether business App is installed/rooting and jailbreaking status)
    • Applies different security policies to different device.
    • Provides graph and Excel save function.
MobileKeeper for MEMMobile E-mail Security

It is possible to set mobile email security policy optimized for each company such as control of mail usage and authority management to prevent corporate information leakage through mobile email.

Shortcut to Mailsafer
User Convenience
  • UI which identically realizes PC’s mail environment
  • E-mail, contact, schedule synchronization
  • Stores important data separately in Secure Storage
  • Blocks external security threats
Corporate Security
  • Mail use control (write/transfer the mail, etc.) and prevents screen capture
  • Limits download of attached files (dedicated viewer control)
  • Mail monitoring provided
App Security Additional SolutionIt provides the function for managing important data, documents, and files of corporations in mobile devices.
  • MobileKeeper Vaccine
    It provides a safe mobile environment by detecting a variety of malware and viruses and detecting/blocking applications in a dangerous action.
    • Malware verification
    • Flexible vaccine scanning and update support
    • Vaccine scanning/update support provided when the business App is operated.
    • device-based all-time scanning/automatic update support
  • MobileKeeper Secure Keypad
    It provides a virtual Keypad security solution that encrypts related information using a virtual keypad to prevent leakage or forgery of information when inputting business/personal information in a mobile device.
    • Creates virtual keypad
    • Encrypts important input information
    • Prevents device memory hacking
    • Multi-platform support
  • MobileKeeper App-Obfuscation
    It supports the safe use of mobile applications by blocking mobile application hacking attacks such as attacks on the vulnerable points of source code, illegal copy, etc., through App obfuscation that makes it difficult to interpret source code.
    • Cloud-based double obfuscation
    • First, it protects the source code by source code obfuscation
    • Second, it protects the App by wrapping obfuscation
    • Conducts automatic obfuscation
  • MobileKeeper App-Forgery & Alteration Prevention
    It provides powerful App security to detect and block forged App via complex verification by comparison of hash and unique signature key value within device without server communication.
    • Integrity verification on business App and detection/prevention of forged App
    • Complex verification by comparison of hash and signature key value (patented)
    • Safe forgery verification within device without server communication
    • Security warning or forced deletion of App upon forgery
Mobile-Related Solution
  • MEAP(Mobile Enterprise Application Platform)
    It is a mobile platform that can simultaneously develop various mobile OSs and Application optimized for device, and it provides integrated services tailored to mobile OS and device which are becoming more diversified and advanced.
    • Provides individual OS’s Native Framework
    • Develops One Source Multi Use
    • Provides high speed and web UI convenience
    • Screen development through HTML, JavaScript, etc.
  • Mobile Remote Control
    It provides safe and convenient mobile remote support by security-specific web-based PC + mobile remote support.
    • Multi-screen monitoring
    • 1:N support: Simultaneously supports up to 6 people
    • Free conversion among 3G, LTE, LTE-A, Wi-Fi
    • Virtual remote video driver technology applied
  • Mobile Push
    It is a mobile push solution that is certified to have the nation's largest throughput with good service stability. Message transmission and management improves application operational efficiency and it enables push data-driven marketing usage through a variety of analytical functions.
    • Simultaneous message transmission available for up to 1 million users
    • SMS message automatic conversion service for the user of feature phones
    • Sent message monitoring
    • Message push by users based on data
  • PTT(Push to Talk)
    This smartphone-to-smartphone communication service provides 1:N instant conversation services of voice and text by software-based push-to-talk (PTT).
    • Supports simultaneous connections of up to 3,000 users
    • Provides unified PTT service with existing analog radio (UHF, VHF, TRS)
    • Use of various types of Bluetooth devices available
    • Real-time location tracking service
  • WIPS : Wireless Intrusion Prevention System
    It blocks internal and external security threats that can occur in a wireless environment and supports a secure mobile environment by detecting and blocking illegal APs, unauthorized APs, and hacking devices.
    • 0-4 seconds wireless attack detection and blocking
    • Supports 802.11ac detection and blocking
    • Event/user management through wireless authentication server, LDAP interlocking
    • Automatic registration of authorized AP
  • Mobile VPN
    It provides a mobile security environment that can securely use business systems anytime and anywhere by providing a mobile VPN function to build a smart work environment without time and space constraints.
    • Supports various clients
    • Supports various authentication methods
    • Supports various encryption algorithms
    • Automatic re-connection function provided


Enterprises (Main purpose of introduction: BYOD-related device security and business app management/security)
Financial companies (Main purpose of introduction: Comply with Financial Supervisory Service and mobile office security requirements)
Research centers (Main purpose of introduction: Control mobile device access and prevent leakage of internal information)
Manufacturing industry/construction industry and others (Main purpose of introduction: Control mobile device access and employee apps during business hours)
Public institutions (Main purpose of introduction: App management of administrative work/security and passing the security and public conformity test)