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Secure File server cloud

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Secure File Server Cloud optimized for SMBs(small and medium-sized businesses)

Product Introduction

OfficeHard CLOUD is a secure file server cloud optimized for SMBs which operate OfficeHard VEX, the No. 1 market share of the public/private security file server market on which security, performance, and service stability have been proved under the IaaS KT ucloud, Lotte L-Cloud) platform.

  • Korea’s No. 1 secure file server
    Cloud system of Office Hard VEX, the No. 1 secured file server for domestic corporations
  • Smart collaboration in a safe environment
    Provides security-based collaboration environment, supports easy file sharing and collaboration whenever and wherever made between divisions or external companies
  • Service stability
    Implements the same function as the build type with stable service based on the industry's best building/operation experiences


  1. 01 Provides stand-alone virtual cloud server for enterprise so that the company may use their own space, preventing file leakage, and achieving security
  2. 02 Convenient and intuitive administrator UI that can be operated without any personnel for server management
  3. 03 Quick installation and operation without initial investment costs, charging to be made only as used by the company


  • File sharing and collaboration
    • Information sharing available between divisions/external companies
    • Convenient file transmission between users/inbox function
    • File configuration management and support for collaboration
  • File management and search
    • Integrated management of scattered corporate files
    • Restriction of file transmission according to internal policies
    • Fast and convenient search inside function
  • Powerful security application
    • Access permission setting and file encryption function
    • Virus, information leakage, malicious code prevention
    • Detects files containing personal information and filtering
  • Various statistics and additional functions
    • User and manager usage log
    • File upload/download status
    • Security/pictures/documents folder by individual

Configuration Map