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Privacy Document Centralization

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Privacy Document Centralization for integrated management of personal information documents

Product Introduction

OfficeHard PRIVACY is a privacy document centralization solution that traces and detects in real time documents containing personal information in business PCs and transfers them to a central file server and downloads / exports them according to the access right and approval process of personal information documents.



  1. 01 Integrated document life cycle management from creation to destruction of personal information documents scattered across the company
  2. 02 Ensures a safe data transmission and work efficiency by allowing the document to be exported only when it is approved
  3. 03 Completely ensures personal information security such as keeping/blocking personal information documents on business PCs


  • Document centralization of personal information
    • Uploads a file containing personal information to the center
    • Automatic removal upon detection of personal information in PCs
    • Enhances security by limiting the transmission of isolated files
  • Approval of personal information
    • Approval on internal use and export according to the purpose of use
    • Approval integration management(approved/rejected/download)
  • Personal information history management
    • The personal information document detected on the PC is encrypted and stored on the central server
    • Provides the results of processing on the personal information documents isolated in PC
    • Registration standby/stored files provide document viewer and attributes only
    • Download/approval request of registration completed files
  • Statistics in preparation for audit
    • Total status of personal information files
    • Detailed status of group users by period
    • Detailed status of detection by group item
    • Detailed report in preparation for the audit of personal information security

Configuration Map