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File Transmission Approval System

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Security file server based File Transmission Approval Systemfor secure data transfer

Product Introduction

OfficeHard TAS is a file transmission approval system based on security file server for file transmission on which you can transmit important corporate materials (customer information, confidential information, etc.) to outside while securing safety and convenience via online draft consultation, approval, transmission to designated recipients, and encrypted transmission without using a physical medium such as USB or CD.



  1. 01 All business files transferred to the outside are pre-approved procedures strongly that are sent after the approval of the approver
  2. 02 Applies multiple security schemes with transmission interval and file encryption, DRM application, and log history of link mail
  3. 03 Strengthens user authentication and access rights and minimizes management points


  • Approval Functions
    • Choose file : Select the file to be approved, submit the draft to higher official
    • Draft notification : Send approval request mail to the approver
    • Exclusive approval : Check the file to be approved and select between approved/rejected
    • Sent the result : Send the result to the drafter (approved/rejected)
    • Sent the file : Send the approved file (file inbox)
  • Secured transmission
    • Automatic transmission of recipient designated folder
    • Notification mail transmission function
    • Secured transmission
    • Provides transmission methods according to operational policy
    • Log information management and archiving of original files according to retention rights
  • PReferences
    • External user authentication : Subscription, IP authentication, MAC authentication
    • Designate the approver : Set the default approver and representative approver
    • Set the recipient : Set the recipient of major accounts
    • Set the password : Approval password, file transmission password, etc.

Configuration Map