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Secure File Server for a safe cooperation environment

Product Introduction

OfficeHard VEX is a secure file server that systematically manages corporate information assets by fully supporting security and collaboration functions for secure collaboration environment. It blocks the activity of ransomware and malicious code and supports safe storage and recovery of important documents through direct editing and backup function of the files in dedicated web browser.

  • Korea’s No. 1 secure file server
    With the largest building results of over 85% for the public sector and 60% for the private sector, we have a plenty of development and building expertise
  • Various operational policies
    Reflecting the requirements of each company policy, we have operating policies to create a business environment optimized for the enterprise environment
  • Response to the document security threats
    Protection of important corporate assets from security threats such as ransomware and malicious code and prevention of and response to monetary/temporal damages
  • Compliance response
    Security compliance response available that reflects security recommendations and guidelines by national agencies such as NIS, FSS, etc.


  1. 01 Strengthens internal information security through know-how of No. 1 security solution company in Korea
  2. 02 Protects important public/ corporate information from malware, viruses, and information breaches
  3. 03 Effective collaboration available by providing file sending/receiving box for sharing information and collaboration between departments/companies


  • Backup function
    • Choose multiple folders in the user PC
    • Backup schedule setting available
    • Backup files setting available (by extension, size, and IP)
  • Direct editing of documents
    • Minimizes spread of ransomware through opening files in dedicated web browser
    • Automatically saves the dedicated web browser after editing
  • Convenient user environment
    • Provides Web browser for all browsers
    • Provides explorer exclusively for Windows
    • Provides mobile viewer supporting iOS/Android
  • Privilege management
    • User and group-specific authority setting by folder
    • Multiple system mid-manager setting
    • Sharing setting for the lower folder of group sharing folder
  • File security
    • Encryption support on file transmission section
    • A real-time virus check upon uploading the file
    • Encrypted storage when saving the files by providing a secure folder
  • DB security
    • Access restriction policy by each IP area setting available
    • SSL (HTTPS) support by domain
    • Encrypts and saves DB connection information and user personal information
  • Various additional functions
    • Provides maximum bandwidth setting function by IP area
    • Provides system resource monitoring
    • Provides various Open APIs
  • Log management and usage statistics
    • Supports the usage log on all files
    • Provides failure alarm and details of handling using SMS
    • Provides monthly/daily report on file download/use quantity

Configuration Map



Public institutions
Financial companies