Mail Security

Integrated E-mail Security Solution


Integrated E-mail Security Solution for responding to intelligent E-mail threats

Product Introduction

SpamSniper is the No. 1 integrated e-mail security solution in Korea that not only blocks spam/malicious code mail and mail server attacks, but also prevents leakage of important corporate information by monitoring outbound mail.

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  • High capacity service support
    High-performance and reliable mail service support even in a high-volume environment
  • Use of powerful filtering engines
    Use of powerful engine such as Heuristic, Bayesian, Media Filter, etc.
  • A rapid pattern update
    Holds industry's largest DB with Anti Spam Lab and provides the latest spam pattern update
  • 24X365 service without disconnection
    24X365 customer support service and a real-time failure handling and recovery with One-Click remote support


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  1. 01 With ByPass FOD function, normal mail service available even if there is a SpamSniper server failure
  2. 02 Establishes an optimized security environment with the use of dedicated Secure OS and H/W, handling up to 1 million items of mail traffic per day
  3. 03 Spam/virus/phishing e-mail blocking service just by connecting the power of SpamSniper server


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  • Blocking spam, virus mail
    • Spam mail response through 19 algorithms, 4-layer filtering and the control engine
    • Proactively responds to malware by mail preview function
    • Updates the latest spam patterns 24 times or more a day
  • Strengthened scam prevention, sender authentication
    • Blocks unidentified sender/sender header falsification, and recipient authentication
    • Strengthened sender authentication through adding GrayList, DKIM authentication
    • Detects malware through checking attachment extension and forgery
  • Mail server protection, management
    • Prevention of mail server attack and illegal relay through Mail Gateway
    • Reduces mail server load by removing junk mail
    • Central control through monitoring of a failing server
  • Mail archiving
    • Reduces saving capacity via compressed saving
    • Long-term storage of all incoming/outgoing mail
    • Search support through a search engine such as details of contents and attachments
  • Manager function
    • Strengthened reporting by adding weekly·monthly reports
    • SMS notification in case of system failure
    • Integrated management console support upon duplex configuration
  • APT Edition
    • Behavior-based analysis in virtual environments through interlocking APT specialized solution
    • Notification sending and monitoring on APT-suspicious mail
    • Integrated management on spam, virus and APT malignant mails

Configuration Map

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  • Proxy method

    The system ensures that mail going to a conventional mail server goes through SpamSniper by changing the MX record of the DNS server.

    SpamSniper intervenes by changing the MX record of DNS

    • Node
    • Mail flow
  • Bridge method

    Located in line with the mail server, the system ensures that the SMTP traffic to the mail server is directed to SpamSniper, and it is recommended to use the Enterprise edition that is jointly operated with the mail server.

    The physical serial connection between SpamSniper and the mail server filters the traffic

    • Node
    • Mail flow


Financial companies
Public institutions
Educational institutions