Mail Security

E-mail APT Response Solution


E-mail APT Response Solutionfor taking a preemptive response to ever-evolving APT

Product Introduction

SpamSniper APT is an e-mail APT-response solution that adds various functions such as APT detection, virtual engine analysis and blocking to the expertise of SpamSniper-no.1 in the mail security field, through partnership with SKinforsec (eAPT insight) and Ahnlab (MDS) to respond to the ever-evolving mail threats and ransomwares.

  • Mail Diagnosis and Blocking
    Spam and virus mail blocking via SpamSniper
  • Inspection of URLs in and attached files e-mail body
    Body URL and attachment file harmfulness check and detection of malicious behaviors for mail attack
  • Behavior-based analysis on malicious codes
    Static analysis of malicious code/behavior-based dynamic analysis in a virtual environment
  • 24X365 service
    24X365 customer support service through the central control center


  1. 01 Provides an optimized APT responding security based on the technology and operation expertise of SpamSniper -No. 1 in the mail security field
  2. 02 Supports a virtual environment response in APT primary response, APT response according to the corporate security requirements
  3. 03 The large mail data base powerful filtering based on various samples


  • Mail APT blocking
    • Provides a real-time user notification on mail that is suspected to be APT
    • Provides safety view of APT suspicious mail
    • Blocks spear phishing E-mail such as spam and viruses
  • Behavior-based analysis in virtual environments
    • Behavior-based analysis using virtual machines
    • Zero-Day attack detection
    • Simultaneous analysis of multiple applications through multiple virtual machines
  • Inspection of URLs in e-mail body and attached files
    • Identifies type of attachments/detects forgery
    • Attachments, E-mail body URL link analysis
    • Mail attack malicious behavior detection/blocking
  • Integrated Mail Management
    • Integrated dashboard
    • Mail status, APT attack detection and blocking, real-time control
    • Provides mail status and APT analysis engine analysis report

Configuration Map



  • sk
  • hynix
  • hanhwa
  • lg cns
  • kepco